Laura and Bill’s Story

“Laura and Bill’s Story”, just published on the blog.  The last 7 pages of this story went through no less than ten different revisions.  The ending remained the same throughout the revisions.  The journey to the end was the real challenge.  I knew how I wanted it to end, but the road to it, was what presented the difficulties.

The ending is almost all dialog, which I’ve struggled with, yet feel gratified, when I get it right.  It was an exercise for me to try and make it perfect.  Try to make up your own characters and get them to talk, but make them like real people.  Seriously, try it sometime.  I’m sure there are areas that still need improvement.

I had at least 8 different endings envisioned, originally.  Instead of making everyone wait, I thought it better to simply publish.  I went with my best ending out of the eight and let the cards fall will they will.  There is a Version number after all, so I can always update it later.

I’m always interested in comments, feedback, and constructive criticism.  Plus as I teased in my last blog post, I’d be interested to know if anyone can pick out the character that I most enjoyed writing.  Drop me a comment, public or private, if you think you know.  I’ll tally any results and drop a post in a few weeks.

For anyone that is interested, this will publish on Lit, soon.

Enjoy the story.  And thanks for reading!



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