Weekly Updates

Good Day!  The site is getting a little more traction which gladdens my heart.  I promised an update at least weekly.  I want to stay true to that promise.  There have been no comments regarding the previews for “Silk Stocking Diaries”, or “Southern City Customs”, so I’ve decided to pursue another avenue in the interim.

As a note, “Southern City Customs”, is completely outlined in detail.  Characters have been written, plot lines mapped, and conclusions drawn.  It could be a very long story — certainly capable of novel length — and not one I think I want to embark upon without an editor.  At a minimum, I could use some guidance to get the plot solidified.

For those of you that have screamed for an editor, I may have found one that is willing to take on the job.  The editor is busy until after St. Patrick’s Day, so I’ll muddle through until then.  And that means, everyone reading has to muddle through as well, without the editor’s ruthless scythe at my bulging prose.

I started an exercise the other night, that is very narrowly focused.  It’s an attempt to “Do more with less.”   My goal is to write more powerfully, with fewer words.

I set myself a goal to write a brief (for me anyway) romance in less than ten pages.  I am about half way through the exercise.  At the five page mark, I have two characters, that share a common bond, although they don’t know it yet.  I’ve just introduced conflict into the story.  It’s time to play out the tragedy towards resolution and conclusion.

After reading it, I realized many readers would think this is very depressing story.  And for the first part, I’ll admit it is.  But if you stick with it, I’d like to think there is redemption as the story concludes.

If I look at love and romance without tragedy or even minor conflict, it seems flat, almost lifeless.  But through conflict resolution, redemption, and renewal, love becomes powerful.

Along with my self-imposed limit of ten Microsoft Word pages (so let’s call it 5K Words), I’ve also focused on meaningful dialog.  I find dialog, as I’ve previously mentioned in other posts, one of the most challenging aspects of writing.

If I’ve created a character that is two dimensional, dialog adds the third dimension.  It makes characters real.  Admittedly it adds the spice, the true inner workings of the character based on what they are saying and feeling.  If I have paper and clay to mold the outline of the character, the dialog adds the life.

Stay tuned for more blog posts as I close on this week’s writing assignment.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll keep writing until someone tells me to stop.  And even then, I’ll likely debate.




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