The Mouse Trap

The Mouse Trap just published on the blog.  It’s a fun little tale about scents-fragrant and common.  You’ll have to pardon the little play on words.  Read the story to find out.

I’ve been writing several different stories throughout the summer.  Long story short, this one was a pleasant interlude, while I eek out the Great American Novel, one painful word at a time, strung together aimlessly to form a coherent sentence.

I won’t spoil the fun of the Mouse Trap, but there are a few decent turns in it to warrant the time to read.  I’ve always had a great interest in electronic surveillance.  I learned a little bit as I wrote this story that opened my eyes.  It also gave me the idea to center the story around what a suspecting husband would do in a difficult situation.

I’ll admit, that Martin the husband does go a bit overboard in his reaction, but things generally turn out alright for all involved.  Some more so than others.


Enjoy your fall colors and cooler temperatures wherever you call home.

Thanks for reading!



Laura and Bill’s Story up on Lit

OK, so “Laura and Bill’s” story is up on Lit.  Instead of the Romance category, it got published in the Loving Wives category on Lit.  Tough category no matter how you look at it.  Some great writers there all around.  Some less so.  You be the judge.

Some constructive, some less than constructive, feedback as I would have envisioned.  I’ll take the good feedback and attempt to incorporate into future writing.  The less than constructive?  Well, let’s just say after having spent a virtual lifetime getting feedback that is less than constructive, a little more won’t make much difference.  Nuff said.

On to other things…

I just published the opening scene to “Southern City Customs” in the Sneak Peaks.  This one has been burning a hole in me lately, since it has Sheikhs, Princesses, car guys, and the entire alphabet soup of US agencies.  Hopefully there are some other interesting characters to carry the load too.  What could they possibly have in common?  You might be surprised.  Yes, it is a romance, (since I like to view life that way) but at its core, it’s a story about freedoms.  Freedom to do what one wants in life.  Hell, that’s what I’m doing.  Why shouldn’t everyone.

There are those that take their freedoms frivolously, and those that have none.  And of course, in order to have freedom, ther must be those brave souls to protect it.  I like to think of this story as the knitting of the haves and have nots, into what I hope to be an interesting yarn.

Let me know if there is interest in this story or the “Silk Stocking Diaries.”  I’m on the fence, as to which one to pursue next.  You can check Prior Previews for previous Sneak Peaks at stories I’m either writing or considering.

As always, thanks for reading!


Laura and Bill’s Story

“Laura and Bill’s Story”, just published on the blog.  The last 7 pages of this story went through no less than ten different revisions.  The ending remained the same throughout the revisions.  The journey to the end was the real challenge.  I knew how I wanted it to end, but the road to it, was what presented the difficulties.

The ending is almost all dialog, which I’ve struggled with, yet feel gratified, when I get it right.  It was an exercise for me to try and make it perfect.  Try to make up your own characters and get them to talk, but make them like real people.  Seriously, try it sometime.  I’m sure there are areas that still need improvement.

I had at least 8 different endings envisioned, originally.  Instead of making everyone wait, I thought it better to simply publish.  I went with my best ending out of the eight and let the cards fall will they will.  There is a Version number after all, so I can always update it later.

I’m always interested in comments, feedback, and constructive criticism.  Plus as I teased in my last blog post, I’d be interested to know if anyone can pick out the character that I most enjoyed writing.  Drop me a comment, public or private, if you think you know.  I’ll tally any results and drop a post in a few weeks.

For anyone that is interested, this will publish on Lit, soon.

Enjoy the story.  And thanks for reading!


New Story

I’m putting the finishing touches on “Laura and Bill’s Story.”  It should be released soon.  How soon?  Real soon.  It will appear in the Completed Stories listed to the right.

While it is a romance, I think it can best be described as a Love Rectangle.  Romance, Betrayal, Deception and True Love.  The story has all those elements, plus all the associated emotions to accompany them.  I laughed in some sections, while becoming angry in others as I wrote them.

I had fun writing the story.  The primary characters are predictable enough, but I think the supporting cast of characters would get my vote for quirkiness and fun.

I would be curious to see, if anyone could name the character I most enjoyed writing.

As always, I encourage comments, either public or private.

Happy reading!